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Theresa J. Thurmond Morris Blog Latest Articles ALIEN UFO PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITYAn Informative ExplanationBy: Theresa J. Thurmond MorrisAlien plausible deniability has been afforded the presidents of the United States. Aliens have secrets, yet their UFOs are as common as automobiles on earth. People in the intelligence community do not have to […]

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American Communications Online ACE Metaphysical Institute of Graphic Arts- All things allowed by law ACO Associates register with TJ Morris Agency in order to participate in growth on cyberspace. We interact with people on a personal and authentic level with a journalistic approach to storytelling and conscientious attention to detail. […]

Space 2020 Wormhole Travel

What’s new16May 23 at 6:03pm Wormhole, Time Travel, Space by TJ Morris Portal Stargate the Beginning 2019-2020   Theresa J Morris is now sharing her story in 2019 of her Time Travel Project. Please join ACO Association, Allied Command Organization, Alien Contact Org, UFO Association, or UFO Secret Space Command. […]

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UFO’s Specific dates for predictions news to come Biography Dr. Turi is a natural healer, a proficient author and a captivating speaker with profound predictive wisdom that astonish everyone. in 2016, Dr. Turi was visited in two occasions by the FBI for his unarguable terrorist attacks predictions. Visit his website […]

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