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Thomas R Becker – Amad ACO CLUB – Gen. Mgr TJ Morris ET Radio American Communications Online.

Thomas R. Becker, General Manager of American Communications Online Media News Publishing
Professional Management Experience Since 1972
Basic Training was in U.S. DOD, DON in departments as a landing craft signalman, weapons handling, helmsman, various landing craft ship to shore training.
He began communications after leaving service with an honorable discharge and audio and video. He learned to write coding and used html and apache with TJ Morris Media for 5 years online. Both Thomas and TJ now use WordPress and are GoDaddy pro board affiliates. Thomas and TJ run a C-panel with various peer review journals for associations and organizations.
Thomas manages the audio and video departments besides the day to day operations with Theresa J Morris, the Florida headquarters office for ACO.
Thomas R Becker also known in the entertainment world as Amad Painter (Facebook) is best known in art and graphic design. Everywhere in most cyberspace locations his brand is one-word amadpainter on web browsers.