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Source: Bret Lueder = Are Aliens Demons?
Bret Lueder, Author-Speaker – California, USA
Appearing monthly own a topic of Metaphysical Journalism and Spiritual Science
Guest on Ascension Church Ohana Radio show with Theresa J Morris, and Thomas Hawksblood Sinisi. Sponsored by ACO Broadcast – American Communications Online
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Bret Lueder received his Bachelors degree in Journalism from Chico State University in 2000 (northern California). Since then, he has gone on to write roughly 700 articles on music, alternative history, spirituality and UFO’s for such magazines as Magical Blend MagazineUFO MagazineReggae Festival Guide, the Chico News & Review, and currently Phenomena Magazine online out of Scotland and Paranoia Magazine out of the northern California Bay Area, among many others. He has written two books. The first is, Song in Your Heart: The Story of the Search for the Lost Note, Volume I (released in 2008). It is the first in a three-part series titled, the Esoteric Guide to the Reggae Vibe series, illustrating the role of the “Roots Reggae Rasta” in terms of a global struggle for the control of human consciousness. Volume IITales of a Heavy Heart: UFO’s, Magic and Impending Doom, is due out in late 2018. In his most recent book, A UFO Hunter’s Guide (released in 2012), by Weiser books in San Francisco, Lueder breaks down the muddled field of Ufology into processible chunks both highlighting the field’s infamous history and the context with which a Ufologist finds themselves today. Unlike any other book on the market, it even includes Tips from the Pros as many of today’s top investigators contributed key facets of many techniques, approaches and strategies pertinent for the investigator. Lueder has also produced two double-disc DVD sets of interviews with Speakers from the Bay Area UFO Expo titled, the Esoteric Guide to the Bay Area UFO Expo Volumes I & IIVolume III, a three disk set of interviews, is in the works. Most recently, Lueder produced a new two-disk DVD set titled the Inside Mt Shasta (2017) with two lectures revolving around Lueder’s work with the Ambassador of Telos, Dianne Robbins, including a bonus booklet with three pertinent articles. 

Bret is a journalist and radio co-host for
American Communications Online – Cosmos Radios –
TJ Morris ET Radio
Ascension Center – ACE Metaphysical Institute

Inner Earth article for Phenomena  magazine Mar 2013 (the booklet article):

Other more recent articles by Lueder in Phenomena:
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The Urantia Book Part II May 2015

The Serpent and the Savior Part I August 2017 (about demons and Deliverance)

The Serpent and the Savior Part II Sept 2017

Project Pegusus: The Making of an American Dynasty Mar 2017 (about Andrew Basiago)

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